The Seychelles Coast Guard successfully rescued a Sri Lankan fishing trawler that had been hijacked by Somali pirates in the Arabian Sea. The Director General of the Fisheries Department confirmed the rescue, highlighting the safe retrieval of the vessel and its six crew members.

According to Sri Lanka Navy, a joint operation was launched by the Seychells Coast Guard and the Sri Lanka Navy. The six rescued Sri Lankan fishermen are being brought to the Seychells’ capital and three Somalian sea-pirates were arrested by the Seychells Coast Guard.

A fishing trawler with six crew members that departed from the Chilaw Dikkowita Fisheries Harbour on 12 January has been reported abducted by Somali pirates in the Arabian Sea. The incident had raised international concern, prompting Sri Lankan ambassadors to the African Union to seek the assistance of the Somali government in securing the release of the kidnapped fishermen. (