The Russian Federation has handed over a consignment of sunflower oil to Sri Lanka, in an emergency operation to support those affected by the economic crisis in Sri Lanka, the Russian Embassy in Sri Lanka announced.

Accordingly, the cargo addressed to the people of Sri Lanka containing the consignment of 352 Metric Tonnes of sunflower oil fortified with vitamins A and D has been ceremoniously handed over to Sri Lanka, with the participation of the Russian Ambassador to Sri Lanka Levan S. Dzhagaryan.

The event reportedly took place at the Veyangoda Economic Center premises yesterday (Sep. 12).

The oil consignment which was delivered to Sri Lanka as a humanitarian aid and gift from the Russian people will contribute to the fight against hunger and obstacles of neocolonialism of the Western powers, the Russian Embassy in Sri Lanka said.

The donated consignment of sunflower oil will be distributed in Sri Lanka through the World Food Programme.