In a bid to enhance traffic enforcement and ensure road safety, Colombo has initiated a new system utilizing police CCTV cameras strategically placed in key locations. Acting Inspector-General of Police, Deshabandu Tennakoon, announced that as of today, January 22, traffic offenders will be traced through this surveillance camera network.

Upon identification of traffic violations, fine sheets will be generated and promptly sent to the registered owner’s address. The fine notification will also be forwarded to the nearest police station associated with the vehicle’s registration. This approach aims to streamline the process of penalizing traffic offenders and foster a safer and more disciplined road environment in Colombo.

There is a significant increase in the number of road accidents and road accidents related deaths in Sri Lanka. Most of victims were motorcycle riders & pillion riders, Three-wheel drivers & passengers and pedestrians. The senior police spokesman said it is possible to save those lives and requested the motorists to drive in strict accordance with the rules of the road and to drive carefully and attentively on the road.

According to Sri Lanka Police statistics about seven to eight people die each day due to accidents. Some time this figure goes to 11 deaths per day. Due to road accidents about 40 persons injured each day. The total number of vehicles registered in the country recorded as 8.3 million and out that 60% listed as Motorcycles. In 2017 Sri Lanka’s motor vehicle population was 7.2 million.

Increase in Road Traffic Accidents in Sri Lanka.
* A road accident in Sri Lanka every 10 minutes.
* Daily 8 Persons killed in Road Accidents.
* Every 3 days, Child dies of Road Accidents.
* Every 5 days, Person dies on Pedestrian Crossing.

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