Considering the recent fuel price revision, the Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association (LPBOA), the Inter-Provincial Private Bus Owners’ Association (IPPBOA), and three-wheeler associations claimed that there would be no fare revisions to bus and three-wheeler fares.

The bus associations claimed that Rs. 27 was reduced from the diesel retail price last night. Earlier, the retail price was reduced by Rs. 5, and the price was Rs. 356.

“When the diesel fuel price was increased by Rs. 15, we used to bear the cost and did not increase the bus fare. However, considering the previous fuel price revisions, the total diesel price was reduced by Rs. 15. Now we cannot reduce the bus fares, as we used to provide the service at a higher cost. We think now we are starting to recover our costs slowly,” he said.

Therefore, it is not possible to reduce the bus fare, as the recent fuel price revision was Rs. 27.

Meanwhile, the three-wheeler associations claimed that they were also unable to reduce the three-wheeler fare. “It is unfavorable to announce fuel price revisions from time to time. We cannot think of the amount of reducing the three-wheeler fare,” the associations said.

Therefore, we have decided not to have a taxi fare revision at this time.

-daily mirror