Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said at least three months will be needed to reduce the prices of eggs and chicken.

In an address to the media, he stated there is no need to import eggs due to the development of the poultry industry.

The minister added that his goal is not to continue importing eggs to Sri Lanka, but to transform the animal husbandry project into an export-oriented project to supply the foreign markets.

The poultry industry is a significant contributor to Sri Lanka’s economy and the country has seen a steady growth in poultry production over the years.

This growth has led to a reduction in the need for imports of eggs and chicken, said the Minister.

Minister Amaraweera’s comments come at a time when Sri Lanka’s egg and chicken prices continue to rise, causing concern among consumers.

Despite the challenges, the government is taking steps to address the issue, with the Agriculture Ministry implementing measures to increase local production and reduce imports.
The minister’s statement is a positive sign for consumers who are hoping for a reduction in egg and chicken prices in the coming months.

source daily mirror