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Over 5,000 graduate teachers will be absorbed to education sector soon: Minister

New appointments will be given on June 16 to 7,500 teachers from Colleges of Education and 5,500 graduate teachers in all three mediums of language, Education Minister Susil Premajayantha said.

He said graduate teachers who are below 35 years old will be appointed for subjects such as science, mathematics, technology, language, geography and commerce.

However, the minister said education cannot be developed only by completing physical respurces but needs human resources as well. And for that, the discipline of students is essential.

Also, other misconducts and inappropriate behaviours, such as drugs usage in society, should be prevented from being provided access to all schools.

The minister was also of the opinion that the undisciplined behaviour among the new generation should be changed through an attitudinal and cognitive change, especially with a religious orientation such as piriven education.
Further, commenting on this, the minister said the principals should have freedom in the school administration and that school development societies and past pupils’ associations are inappropriately involved in it, and he does not approve of such things at all.

source daily mirror

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