The All-Island Three-Wheeler Drivers’ Union (AITWDU) today claimed that there will be no price revision of three-wheeler taxi fares according to the fuel price revisions done by the government every month.

While addressing the media, AITWDU President Lalith Dharmasekera said there would be proper regulation for three-wheeler fare revisions.

“The Western Provincial Council has appointed a committee to regulate the three-wheeler taxi fares, but unfortunately, no fare regulation has taken place yet,” he said.

However, the association had taken the decision not to revise the taxi fares according to the government’s decisions.

Meanwhile, Dharmasekera said the association will not implement any price revisions until it is implemented through the price regulation committee, until the National Transport Commission (NTC) Act is amended and until it updates the Provincial Councils.

Dharmasekera requested three-wheeler taxi drivers to take their own decisions with their taxi charges after discussing with the customers.

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