The water levels in hydropower generating reservoirs are receding  rapidly due to the current severe dry weather conditions affecting the country and if the drought continues, there may be power cuts due to the inability of  producing enough electricity, officials sources said yesterday.

Water levels in most of the reservoirs are rapidly dropping therefore the supply of water to the reservoirs and crops is reaching a critical stage, Director General of Irrigation Engineer Ajith Gunasekara said.

The Mahaweli Authority also said that due to the severe drought, the water levels of many Mahaweli reservoirs have reached the 50 percent limit.
Meanwhile, Ceylon Electricity Board officials revealed that the water capacity of the Samanala Reservoir has decreased very rapidly, and if water is not received within ten days, the Southern Province may have to go for power cuts ranging from one to three hours.

Hydropower generation at the Victoria Reservoir will be further disrupted due to the low water level in the reservoir.

According to the engineer in charge of the reservoir Wasantha Ehelapitiya the water level of the reservoir has now dropped to 35 percent.

“The generation of hydropower has been greatly limited and at present only about one gigawatt hour of electricity is being produced during the busy night time,” he said.

source daily mirror

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