Newly constructed Polpitiya-Hambantota transmission line connected to national grid

Polpitiya-Hambantota transmission line Power Lines Cables Electricity
Polpitiya-Hambantota transmission line Power Lines

The newly constructed Polpitiya-Hambantota 220kV transmission line has been connected to the national grid, upon completion of its preliminary work.

Meanwhile, the new grid substation in Hambantota was also energized on Thursday (Aug. 24), the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) said.

The project was funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to develop the Polpitiya-Hambantota 220kV transmission line and Hambantota new grid substation with an investment of USD 55 million.

According to the state-owned utility, this 150km-long transmission line runs through 11 Divisional Secretariats from Ambagamuwa to Hambantota and the line capacity is 580MVA.

The Hambantota new grid substation has been completed with two power transformers with a total capacity of 500MVA.

With this transmission network improvement, the Southern part of the electric grid will be strengthened, thereby increasing the reliability of power supply and power transfer capability to and from the Southern region, the CEB added.

Earlier this month, the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) managed to pull off the mediation of a resolution to a dispute between the CEB and the landowners in Siripagama area of Ratnapura which revolved around a segment of the transmission line that connects the national grid with the Southern Province, passing through the said plot of land.

Private appraisers had initially recommended a compensation of Rs. 41 million for the land used during the construction of a 630-meter section of the transmission line and this amount was later revised to Rs. 9.6 million following the criteria of the Asian Development Fund of the ADB. However, the CEB had only agreed to offer Rs. 1.69 million as compensation.

After the PUCSL intervened to resolve the matter, the landowners, the landowners had demonstrated their commitment to contribute to a seamless electricity supply for the public by agreeing to donate the land to the government without any compensation.

This paved way for the commencement of the construction of the transmission line.

The agreed-upon terms included the construction of the electric cable through the private land with a minimum height requirement of 20m, adhering to regulations pertaining to condition and continuity.

Polpitiya-Hambantota transmission line Power Lines Cables Electricity


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