Minister of Education Susil Premajayantha states that a special cabinet paper will be submitted in order to fill the existing graduate teaching vacancies in Sri Lanka.

Accordingly, the relevant cabinet paper will be prepared so as to authorize the provincial councils to fill the vacancies created due to the retirement of teachers and the teachers who have left the service, the Minister said in the parliament today (24).

He further expressed that the provincial councils have already been authorized to recruit 5,400 graduate teachers for the subjects of Mathematics, Science and Technology streams.

In addition, the minister who pointed out that there are around 32,000 teacher vacancies currently, also mentioned that various obstacles have arisen to fill those vacancies.

Meanwhile, the State Minister for Education Aravinda Kumar announced plans for the recruitment of 8,000 teachers for government schools in the near future. He indicated that these recruitments will include 5,500 graduate teachers and 2,500 teachers specializing in second language instruction.

Education Ministry calls for applications for exam on recruitment of school teachers