In a recent announcement, the All Island Canteen Owners Association has declared a revision in prices for several popular items, effective from January 1, 2024. This decision comes as a response to the escalating costs faced by canteen owners across the nation.

Milk Tea Costs to Surge by Rs 10: Canteen-goers can expect a Rs 10 increase in the price of a cup of milk tea.

Plain Tea to Experience a Rs 5 Hike: Plain tea enthusiasts will also be impacted by the association’s decision, with a Rs 5 increment in the cost per cup.

Shorteats Prices Raised by Rs 10: The price of shorteats is set to climb by Rs 10, reflecting the increased costs incurred in sourcing and preparing these popular snacks.

Packet of Rice, Fried Rice & Kottu to See Rs 25 Increase: For those who savor rice-based dishes like fried rice and kottu, the association has decided to implement a substantial Rs 25 increase.

The All Island Canteen Owners Association Chairman Harshana Rukshan emphasized that the decision to raise prices was made after careful consideration of the economic challenges faced by canteen operators. Factors such as inflation, transportation costs, and the overall increase in the cost of goods and services have necessitated these adjustments to ensure the sustainability of canteen businesses.