The Japanese embassy in Sri Lanka handed over a MRI machine to the National Hospital in Sri Lanka (NHSL), a statement from the embassy said.

The embassy said Japan previously handed over a CT scanner and other medical equipment to NHSL last October. These pieces of equipment play a critical role in advancing diagnostic imaging capabilities in Sri Lanka. With these cutting-edge additions, we anticipate greater precision and timeliness in medical assessments at NHSL.

In celebration of the new donation, the facility that houses the Japan-donated equipment was named “The Japan-Sri Lanka Friendship Diagnostic Imaging Centre,” a powerful testament to the enduring and robust friendship shared between our two nations.

In his address, Ambassador Mizukoshi stated, “The Japan-Sri Lanka Friendship Diagnostic Imaging Centre is an unrivalled symbol of the lasting camaraderie between our countries. We are confident that this center will play a pivotal role in elevating the quality of healthcare services for the people of Sri Lanka. It is our sincere hope that these state-of-the-art medical facilities will not only save lives but also enhance the overall well-being of the Sri Lankan population.”

This event marks a significant milestone in the enduring partnership between Japan and Sri Lanka, reaffirming Japan’s unwavering commitment to enhancing healthcare services in the country.

-daily mirror