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Residents warned of fraudulent calls

An organized gang has been operating in various areas of the country, defrauding people by making telephone calls and posing as police officers, attempting to extort money, the police said yesterday.

Police Spokesman SSP Nihal Thalduwa said that numerous complaints had been received to various police stations regarding calls made to residents where the callers falsely claim to be police officials seeking money.

“The calls initially targeted landlines in houses located in the Mulleriya and Nawagamuwa areas. There is a possibility that this organized gang may make similar calls to other areas as well. The impersonators, posing as police officers, inform residents that they are involved in certain crimes and ongoing police investigations. They also allege that the residents will be arrested in connection to investigations into the Easter attack suspect Saharan. These impostors attempt to extort money from the victims, claiming it will prevent legal action against them. It has been revealed that several residents upon receiving such calls deposited money to the fraudsters through ez cash,” he said.

The police spokesman noted that the incident has been reported to the court, and investigations are underway to identify the suspects.

He urged the public to be cautious and not fall victim to such attempts, emphasizing that the police never make calls claiming individuals will be arrested.

source daily mirror



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