Health professionals on Sunday (July 16) raised concerns about another patient who passed away while receiving medical attention at a state hospital.

Convening a press briefing, Ravi Kumudesh, president of the Academy of Health Professionals, said the patient in question had died on June 28 at the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital.

Although his relatives of the patient had suspicions about his death, they had not been able to file complaints about the matter.

According to the relatives, the patient was suffering from an armpit lump, and he had not been in a critical condition to pass away in this manner. He has been administered a drug to produce loss of consciousness. However, he has not regained consciousness and was pronounced dead shortly afterward.

Speaking further, Kumudesh, raising concerns about such suspicious deaths that go unreported, urged the government to set up a proper system for the public to file complaints about such unfortunate deaths.

source adaderana