Fact Crescendo, a renowned fact-checking organization in Asia, has recently made an exciting announcement regarding its partnership with the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) as the local partner for the Disarming Disinformation project in Asia. This collaboration represents a significant stride in the ongoing battle against misinformation and the promotion of media literacy throughout the region.

Fact Crescendo and ICFJ invite interested community leaders to apply for the “training of trainers” opportunity.

Want to help your community combat the menace of fake news on the internet?
Join this program to get trained by the experts to become a media literacy trainer for your community.
Each selected applicant will receive a $2,000 grant to implement community events and workshops.

Contact Number – +94 77 151 4696
Email – hello@myfactree.org

With its extensive experience in fact-checking and combatting disinformation, Fact Crescendo will play a crucial role in the Disarming Disinformation project. Specifically, the organization will leverage its media literacy initiative, known as FacTree, to work closely with MediaWise in the development and implementation of targeted training programs. These programs aim to equip community leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively address and counter disinformation within their respective local contexts.

The Disarming Disinformation project, spearheaded by ICFJ with lead funding from the Scripps Howard Fund, is set to span three years. Its primary objective is to empower journalists and journalism students, providing them with the tools and resources needed to combat the proliferation of disinformation.

In light of this collaboration, Fact Crescendo and ICFJ extend an invitation to professionals and community leaders who are interested in participating in this “training of trainers” opportunity. The program will offer a unique chance to enhance one’s understanding of disinformation and contribute to the broader fight against its harmful effects.

The partnership between Fact Crescendo and ICFJ under the Disarming Disinformation project holds immense promise for Asia. By combining their expertise and resources, these organizations are poised to make a tangible difference in addressing the misinformation challenges faced by communities across the region.

In an era where disinformation continues to pose a significant threat to societies worldwide, initiatives like the Disarming Disinformation project are instrumental in fostering media literacy and empowering individuals to distinguish fact from fiction. Fact Crescendo’s involvement as the local partner in Asia solidifies its commitment to combatting disinformation and promoting responsible journalism.

The collaboration between Fact Crescendo and ICFJ represents a significant milestone in the collective effort to safeguard the integrity of information. Through strategic partnerships and comprehensive training programs, the Disarming Disinformation project aims to build a resilient community of media-literate individuals who can effectively combat the spread of misinformation in Asia and beyond.