Health Ministry withdraws use of two categories of Aspirin


The Medical Supplies Division (MSD) of the Health Ministry has withdrawn the use of two categories of locally-manufactured ‘Aspirin’ from all government hospitals.

Accordingly, a circular is believed to have been issued by the MSD to all government hospitals in this regard, in accordance with the recommendations of the National medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA).

The decision to withdraw the use of the drugs in question was made following an investigation conducted by the NMRA, during which samples of many categories of Aspirin were tested.

The two categories in question were subsequently found to be substandard, and were thus withdrawn from use.

MSD Medical Director Dr. Kapila Wickramanayake assured, however, that despite the withdrawal of the two drugs, there is no shortage of Aspirin in hospitals.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) MP Namal Rajapaksa has called for a proper investigation into the NMRA data loss which was reported in 2021, and urged that legal action be taken against those involved. 


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