Sri Lanka Police have appealed to the public to use the 119 Police Emergency Call Centre responsibly. The hotline, established at the Inspector General’s Command and Information Division, Mirihana, operates 24/7, providing citizens with legal protection and immediate assistance in times of distress.

The 119 Police Emergency Call Centre has been a crucial lifeline for citizens facing difficulties and seeking prompt action from the police. On a daily basis, it receives around 3000-3500 messages, which are promptly forwarded to the relevant police stations for necessary action. However, authorities have noticed an alarming trend of people misusing the hotline by providing false information, leading to unnecessary delays and hindrance in attending to genuine emergencies.

The Police Media Division emphasizes that the 119 hotline should only be used to report vital and time-sensitive incidents that require immediate attention. By using the hotline responsibly, citizens can contribute to the creation of a safer and more secure environment for all.

According to Section 180 of the Penal Code of Sri Lanka, individuals found guilty of providing false or incorrect information to the police may face severe penalties, including imprisonment for up to six months, a fine, or both. This stern action is necessary to deter potential misusers and to safeguard the integrity of the emergency response system.

In the interest of public safety and effective emergency management, the Sri Lanka Police urge all citizens to be vigilant and refrain from misusing the 119 Police Emergency Call Centre. By cooperating responsibly with law enforcement, every citizen can play a significant role in maintaining a peaceful and secure society.

Remember, the 119 hotline is meant to be a lifeline for those in genuine need. Proper utilization of this service can save lives and make a positive impact on the community.