In the backdrop of numerous medical specialists leaving the country, the Health Ministry and Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) have failed to reach consensus on actions to be taken against the doctors who have migrated illegally.

According to the Health Ministry sources, 105 medical specialists have so far been blacklisted and the Ministry is yet to inform the SLMC in this regard. However, the SLMC seemed to have adopted a sluggish move in taking actions against the migrated specialists when the SLMC was informed on earlier occasions.

The Health Ministry is entitled to submit a semi-annual report on the blacklisted specialists to the SLMC. As such, the particular list of 105 specialists is applicable for the period from January 01 to June 20, 2022.

SLMC President Prof Vajira Dissanayake said, “We have received no complaint so far about any medical specialist over their illegal migration. Nevertheless, necessary actions can be taken if we are provided with sound information about such medical specialists.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Priyantha Atapattu told Daily Mirror that “Any government employees, including doctors, require approval from both the Prime Minister and the minister in charge if they wish to travel abroad. However, over 120 medical specialists have so far migrated without prior notice during the last two years, which is illegal.”

“Accordingly, the Health Ministry has the authority to take action against such specialists who have travelled abroad without obtaining the necessary approval.”

“Furthermore, legal actions are being pursued against specialists who are currently residing abroad without proper authorization. In addition to incurring fines, these doctors may also face cancellation of their registration with the SLMC,” he stressed.

Dr. Atapattu underscored that even doctors who have followed the appropriate legal procedures to travel abroad may face consequences, emphasizing that they too may risk losing their jobs if they fail to fulfill their obligations in Sri Lanka.

Total of 375 medical specialists have migrated for either professional or personal reasons, while others have been absorbed into universities.

source daily mirror

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