Govt to conduct only one school term test per year from 2024 – Minister


Minister of Education Susil Premajayantha says that a decision has been taken to conduct only one school term test for the entire year from Grade 01 and above, commencing from 2024.

Commenting on the matter, the minister mentioned that measures will also be taken to provide the children with one textbook per school term, in order to reduce the excessive weight of the students’ schoolbags while protecting their physical health.

Premajayantha mentioned that the decision to limit the number of school term tests to only one, was also taken in view of this purpose.

Meanwhile, he emphasized that if this programme is possibly achieved, an assessment will be held at the end of each lesson or module and the records of the marks scored by the students will be computerized and added to the marks obtained at the year-end exam.

The minister explained that initially, 70% of the marks will be given by the final exam while the remaining 30% will be given with the marks obtained at the module assessments. Gradually, the percentage will be brought up to a range of 50%, he added.

In addition, he emphasized that once this system is established, it will be mandatory for the students to attend school, stay in the classes and complete the tasks every day, so that there will be no space or requirement for school children to attend tuition classes.

He further asserted that the parents will not need to spend money on extra classes by getting caught in an unnecessary competition within this system, adding that they can spend that money on the food requirements of the children.

The minister further stated that the primary objective of free education can come to fruition only through such a process.


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