The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CEYPETCO) has revised fuel prices with effect from July 31.


Accordingly, the price of 92 Octane Petrol is to increase by Rs. 20 per litre, while the price of 95 Octane Petrol will be increased Rs. 10 per litre.

The price of Super Diesel has also been increased by Rs. 12, bringing the new price to Rs. 358.

However, the price of Auto Diesel has been reduced by Rs. 2, bringing down the price to Rs. 308 per litre.

Meanwhile, the price of Kerosene has been reduced by Rs. 10 per litre. The new price of Kerosene will be Rs. 226.

Accordingly, the new prices are as follows:

Octane 92 petrol – Rs. 348 (Increased by Rs. 20)
Octane 95 petrol – Rs. 375 (Increased by Rs. 10)
Super Diesel – Rs. 358 (Increased by Rs. 12)
Auto Diesel – Rs. 308 (Reduced by Rs. 2)
Kerosene – Rs. 226 (Reduced by Rs. 10)

Meanwhile, Lanka IOC has also revised the prices of fuel with effect from July 31, in line with the CPC’s fuel price revision.