The foreign employment sector will be converted to a fully digitalized system by the end of this year, Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara said yesterday ( Jan 09).

Addressing an event in Jaffna, he said the requirement for a digital system for the foreign employment sector had been a need for a long time. It was always questioned as to why there was always a need for people to visit Colombo for Foreign Bureau requirements.

“Still, a branch office is operating in Jaffan.” It is very much needed to get work done, even without visiting the branch offices. The digitizing process is being done in the labour department during the past six weeks. Therefore, we are trying our best to convert this to a fully digitalised system.

“When the overseas employer wants to find our workers, they would be able to do it online from there. “All the tasks related to digitalizing the foreign jobs are currently being done these days through the digital platform,” Minister Nanayakkara added.

source-daily mirror