Many physical, mental, social, spiritual and health problems have arisen among the children of the country by their looking at digital screens like computer, smart phone screens, etc., Health Education Officer of the Health Promotions Bureau, Mrs. Kumari Ilukpitiya said.

She said the children who are addicted to the Internet and new technological devices have relatively little interaction with the rest of society.

It was also said that they are more or less disengaged from activities that lead to spiritual well-being without constantly engaging in the digital world.

Inactivity and too much addiction to digital devices can lead to various physical health problems, including eye damage.

Mrs. Iluppitiya also points out that mental health problems and learning problems can arise in these children, including excessive stress.

She was delivering the keynote address at a training workshop currently being held at the Health Education Auditorium of the Colombo Municipality.

“Due to these physical, mental, social and spiritual problems, problematic behavioural changes occur in these children.

Therefore, it is essential that parents, guardians, teachers and the entire society pay close attention to this situation.

Mrs. Iluppitiya emphasizes that if this is not the case, we may have to face many problems as a family, society, and country in the near future.