Elephants Go on Rampage During Kandy Perahera, Prompting Tense Situation


The Kandy Perahera was disrupted as two elephants went on a rampage during the 2nd Kumbul Perehara, creating a tense situation for spectators.

Amid the festivities, two elephants participating in the perahera suddenly turned agitated, causing panic among the onlookers. The agitated elephants trampled around, leading to a flurry of spectators running for safety.

A group of people who were watching the procession in jumped into the lake and were rescued by life saving teams.

Swift action was taken by the organizing committee, who managed to calm the distressed elephants and remove them from the procession. After ensuring the safety of both participants and spectators, the procession resumed its route through the streets of Kandy.

The security forces present at the scene reported that despite the chaos caused by the rampaging elephants, no injuries were reported among the crowd.

Image – Lankadeepa


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