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Chinese research vessel: Sri Lanka Says No, Maldives Says Yes

Chinese research and survey vessel Xiang Yang Hong 03 which was barred entry into Sri Lankan waters over a policy decision is now on its way to the Maldives after permission was given by its pro-China President Mohamed Muizzu.

Sri Lanka has announced a moratorium on research activities in its waters for 12 months. The government announced it despite China seeking to send its Xiang Yang Hong 03 for research activities in January. Sri Lanka took such a position over pressure from India against the presence of Chinese research vessels in its territorial waters. Sri Lanka is the closest maritime neighbour of India.

However, the Maldives, under the current leader who is openly toeing a pro-Chinese foreign policy, have defied Indian pressure and allowed the vessel into its waters.

Chinese research vessel Xiang Yang Hong 03 entered the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) through the Sunda Strait of Indonesia on Monday morning. The Indian media reported that India is closely tracking the movement of the vessel.

Xiang Yang Hong 03 is a Research/Survey Vessel that was built in 2016 (8 years ago) and is sailing under the flag of China.

source daily mirror



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