A marvel of medical science was created by a team of neurosurgeons at the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital by removing a brain tumour without anaesthetizing the patient.The surgeons had removed the tumour controlling the functioning of the right side of the body.

It was of significance that the patient Saman Jayasinghe drew the picture of a Lotus flower to the utter amazement of the doctors without any attention on the surgery while the doctors performed the surgery.

The patient was a 36 year old sculptor from Nochchiyagama.

The doctors said a similar surgery had been successfully performed by this medical team at the Anuradhapura hospital for the first time in 2020 and this was the third.

They said the patient should be fully anaesthetized in case of a complex brain surgery but it was a special feat that this surgery was performed under minimal sedation without causing any pain to the patient.

The doctors said the patient left the hospital without complaining of any complication.

Neurosurgeons Dr. Madhusanka Gomes, Dr. Rohan Parris, and Anesthetists Dr. Leven Kariyawasam, Dr. Visaka Kerner, and Dr. Thilan Herath had performed the surgery.

-daily mirror