State Minister of Finance Shehan Semasinghe says that the Aswesuma Welfare Benefits payments will be deposited to 0.8 million beneficiaries for the month of July from today. Of the selected beneficiaries, approximately 0.8 million individuals whose information has been accurately verified will receive their disbursements on Monday August 28, according to Minister Semasinghe. Aswesuma beneficiaries can withdraw money from August 29 and 30.

For the remaining beneficiaries, the verification process is still underway. The government has initiated a survey process to address any appeals and objections related to the selection criteria. Once this process is completed, payments will be deposited to all eligible beneficiaries, as per the State Minister.

Minister Semasinghe emphasized the government’s commitment to ensuring that every eligible citizen receives their entitled benefits. To this end, any instances of false information provided by beneficiaries in order to claim benefits will be rigorously examined. The Welfare Benefits Board will not hesitate to take action to recover funds in such cases and will pursue legal measures as necessary.