Aswesuma beneficiaries to get July Payment Before September 15

Aswesuma Benefits Program New Registration
Aswesuma Benefits Program New Registration

The Aswasuma Welfare Benefit Board Chairman Jayantha Wijayaratne says that all eligible families will get the July payment before September 15. The second Aswesuma group is set to receive their funds in September’s first week. He says that over 683,000 families have received their July month funds.

“The second group is set to receive their funds in the following week, with the aim of disbursing the entire amount before September 15th. All individuals meeting the qualifying criteria are assured of receiving benefits. Consequently, there is no reason for unnecessary apprehension. All eligible individuals are guaranteed monthly benefits, and there is no need for any doubts in this regard.” he said.

“The endeavour is underway to extend benefits to eligible families through the Aswasuma program. A sum of Rs. 5 billion has already been deposited into the accounts of 791,000 out of the current 1.5 million qualifying families. Presently, over 683,000 of these families have successfully received their funds. The remaining 111,000 beneficiaries are scheduled to receive their payments in the coming days.


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