2024 New Registration for Aswesuma Benefits Program Delay

Aswesuma Welfare Benefits Board

The government of Sri Lanka is set to open registrations for the highly anticipated 2024 Aswesuma Benefits Program very soon says state minister Shehan Semasinghe. This annual enrollment opportunity welcomes both non-registrants and new entrants who are eligible to receive benefits under the scheme.

Earlier it was planned to commence on August 1st. This year, the program witnessed a significant number of appeals and objections, indicating its growing popularity and importance in providing essential support to eligible citizens.

The Aswesuma Beneficiary Scheme is a significant initiative by the government, with an estimated annual expenditure of Rs. 206 billion. The program aims to provide relief to approximately 20 lakhs families, surpassing the number of 16.8 lakhs Samurdhi beneficiary families. Furthermore, more than 5 lakh families will receive additional support, including disabled, kidney disease, and elderly allowances.



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