Administrator Samantha Power will travel to Sri Lanka from September 10-11. The Administrator will meet with government officials, private sector representatives, as well as farmers and other Sri Lankans most impacted by the complex emergency to discuss how their lives have been affected and how the United States can best support them as they rebuild and recover. She will also meet with parliamentary leaders representing various parties to learn their views on how to address the economic and political crises in Sri Lanka.

During her trip, the Administrator will highlight the United States’ enduring support for the people of Sri Lanka and discuss issues related to food security, fuel and essential item shortages, economic stability, and the impact of Russia’s war against Ukraine on the region.

Administrator Power’s visit will underscore the United States’ commitment to addressing the urgent and intermediate needs facing Sri Lankans and to supporting a return to stability. The Administrator will also reinforce USAID’s support for inclusive development that promotes human rights, democracy, and good governance. She will reiterate the United States’ steadfast support for a free and open Indo-Pacific region that is connected, prosperous, resilient, and secure.