2021 A/L Z score cut-off marks will be released on December 2, according to the UGC sources. UGC chairman says cutoff marks will be released this afternoon. Z-score cutoff marks will be released to UGC official website www.ugc.ac.lk.

Based on the results of this examination, the number of students to be admitted to the state universities is 42,519.

The A/ Level results were released on August 28, and according to those results, applications for university admission were called on September 05, and it was completed on September 23. A total of 272,682 students sat for the A/L examination out of 236,035 school applicants and 36,647 private applicants, of which 171,497 had the minimum qualification for university admission.

The information center of the University Grants Commission is open to assist in case of any problem. The center can be contacted through telephone numbers 011 2695301 and 011 2695302.