The Chairman of the University Grants Commission (UGC), Prof. Sampath Amaratunga, has announced that the Z-score cut-off marks for the 2022 Advanced Level (A/L) examinations will be made available on the official UGC website,, in the coming days. Prof. Amaratunga had previously expressed the UGC’s intention to release the cutoff marks before November 30, stating, “Z-score cutoff marks will be released during November.”

According to the UGC Chairman, the release of these marks is a crucial step in determining the admission of approximately 45,000 students to state universities based on their A/L examination results. The UGC has been proactive in ensuring transparency in the admission process.

For those seeking assistance or encountering issues, the UGC Information Center is open and can be reached at the following telephone numbers: 011 2695301 and 011 2695302.

The 2022 (2023) G.C.E. Advanced Level examination results were initially published online on September 4. Subsequently, on November 24, the re-scrutinized results of the A/L exam were also released. Out of the 263,933 candidates who took the exam, 166,938 (63.3%) have qualified to apply for admission to universities. Students are advised to stay tuned to the official UGC website for the imminent release of the Z-score cut-off marks, which will play a crucial role in the university admission process.