Sagala Ratnayaka, the Senior Advisor on National Security to the President and Chief of Presidential Staff, has recommended extending the implementation of the Wolbachia special dengue control project.

This initiative has demonstrated success in controlling dengue in the Colombo North Health Medical Officer Division and is proposed to be expanded to all Health Medical Officer Divisions in the Colombo and Gampaha districts.

Accordingly, Ratnayaka has offered guidance to the relevant authorities in this regard, the President’s Media Division (PMD) said in a statement.

He emphasized the need to secure the support of the armed forces and the police and also suggested assigning responsibilities to the relevant government institutions to formally address dengue control in governmental bodies.

Ratnayaka issued these directives during a progress review meeting on the current status of the program to control the spread of dengue held at the Presidential Secretariat on Monday (Dec.18).

During this meeting, presided over by the State Minister for Health, Dr. Seetha Arambepola, and attended by the Chief of Presidential Staff, there was a comprehensive review of the implementation of decisions made during discussions with the National Dengue Control Unit on December 05 and their current progress.

Further, the meeting delved extensively into the measures adopted in the past to control the spread of dengue, with a particular focus on health medical officer divisions that have witnessed a surge in dengue cases, especially in the Western Province.

Emphasis was placed on the significant control achieved in the spread of dengue, attributed to various awareness and monitoring measures supported by the armed forces and the police. The meeting highlighted that the continued implementation of these programs in the upcoming weeks is expected to further enhance control.

Central provincial health authorities, engaging in the meeting through Zoom technology, brought attention to a rise in dengue cases in government institutions, schools, religious places, public areas and private institutions.

Recognizing a notable number of patients within the Kandy Municipal Council and Matale Municipal Council limits, Central Provincial Health Authorities have devised additional measures in collaboration with the Colombo Municipal Council to address and control the situation.

Concerning the dengue control in the central province, a committee led by the central province governor and chief secretary oversees all monitoring activities across health and medical officer divisions in the province. The authorities further declared the ongoing and expanded implementation of active dengue control programs to mitigate the spread.

Ratnayaka provided instructions that all schools should receive information about dengue control. He urged relevant education authorities to coordinate the cleaning of school premises with parental involvement and report progress with photos. Additionally, he suggested a review of these programs in the first week of January 2024.


Armed forces, police instructed to fully support dengue control program