Digitize the foreign employment and migration sector immediately to end human trafficking and smuggling – Vides Balaya organization

Vides Balaya organization Sri Lanka
Vides Balaya organization

In order to prevent the trafficking and irregularities currently reported in the field of foreign employment and migration, all migration-related activities should be digitized immediately ‘Vides Balaya’ organization said.

The organization questioned why this has not happened so far and whether there was any undue influence to stop such a thing from happening.

“As the field of foreign employment and migration has not been digitized, various traffickers have got the opportunity to engage in their fraudulent activities without any hindrance. In the past, the number of people leaving for foreign jobs through visit visas has grown. Taking workers for work through visit visas had also fallen into the hands of smugglers and therefore many Sri Lankan workers had faced various difficulties. The young people who came to Dubai on a visit visa in search of jobs today are suffering in the streets, because they could not find work. Also, there was a controversy in Oman recently, which could even affect the existing diplomatic relations between Oman and Sri Lanka. This all happened because this sector was not digitized” the organization said.

The ‘Vides Balaya’ organization emphasized that if it is possible to bring the information related to foreign jobs and immigration under one digital platform, it will be possible to put an end to human trafficking and smuggling. For this reason, the ‘Vides Balaya’ organization stressed that this sector should be digitized immediately, and the government side should show its commitment towards this without further delay.


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