Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) salutes the citizens across Sri Lanka for rising up amidst so many difficulties, claiming the sovereignty of the people to stand against corruption and bad governance.

TISL appeals to the protestors who are currently occupying the Presidential Secretariat, Presidential Residence and Temple Trees to exercise restraint, noting that these historic premises are invaluable public property that belong to all Sri Lankans and our future generations.

TISL calls on the President and the Prime Minister to ensure a peaceful transfer of power without delay.

TISL vehemently condemns the violence that was unleashed on the 9th of July, resulting in several protestors and armed forces being injured. TISL also condemns the brutal and cowardly attack of the Police on seven Sirasa News1st journalists who were reporting on the incidents that transpired near the residence of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. Authorities must take swift action to hold those responsible for the attack accountable and to safeguard the freedom of media at this critical juncture. We also denounce the subsequent attack on the residence of the Prime Minister. Such malicious actions only serve to tarnish the victory of the people.

We urge the Members of Parliament and any incoming administration to provide leadership with integrity, respecting the clear demands of the citizens, to work united to uplift the country from this crisis. We call upon the public representatives to immediately initiate reform in line with the people’s demand for a real system change.

We as civil society and the citizens will continue to keep watch and hold our public representatives accountable each step of the way.