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Three Cassowaries birds to Dehiwala Zoo from Thailand

Three ‘Double Wattled Cassowaries’, a species of flightless birds, were received at the Bandranaike International Airport (BIA) under an animal exchange programme from Thailand last night.

Airport sources said the three birds were received for the Dehiwala zoo.

Two males and a female Cassowaries about nine months old, were brought to the BIA last night at 11.10 p.m. from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, by Malaysia Airlines flight MH-179.

These Cassowaries, which grow to a height of about five feet and weigh about 60 each kilograms, belong to the second-largest group of birds in the world. These bird species belong to the world’s worst birds and are very colorful but flightless.

Under this animal exchange programme, several species of Sri Lankan spotted chevrotain, purple-faced leaf monkeys, toque macaque monkeys, Sri Lankan junglefowl, and several snake species are to be sent to Thailand from Sri Lanka.



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