The substantial increment of around Rs. 10,000 for all Army personnel, war-affected disabled Army personnel and family members of deceased Army members to their salaries beginning from April, this year has taken place, following a prolonged absence of about 4 years, under the recommendation of President Ranil Wickremesinghe, in response to the request of the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage.

This was reportedly the first time such an increased allowance was paid to them after 2019, the Sri Lanka Army said yesterday.

The added increment of this allowance, which is particularly considering the financial difficulties of Army members both living inside and outside for service requirements, serves as a considerable relief to them due to the prevailing economic recession that has occurred in the mid of 2022 and the spiralling cost of living.

The Army ration allowance is issued under two categories, namely; ‘Living-In’ (allowance included in the issued ration) and the ‘Living-Out’ (allowance paid along with the monthly salary). 

However, the said ‘Living-In’ category has received the added increment from the beginning of January this year, but the same had not been added to the ‘Living-Out’ category till April, this year, according to the Army.

Similarly, all the allowances paid to the Army personnel who are on active service, are also paid to all war-affected disabled Army personnel and the next of kin of deceased Army members until the age of the said Army member reaches the age of 55.