In a sweeping crackdown on narcotics, the Sri Lankan authorities have made substantial progress in their anti-narcotic operation, codenamed Yukthiya (Justice). Launched on December 17, 2023, the operation has led to the arrest of over 28,000 suspects in just 21 days, marking a determined effort by law enforcement to curb illegal drug activities across the country.

The street value of the seized drugs, including heroin, cannabis, Ice, and cocaine, is estimated to be over Rs. 963 million reflecting a substantial blow to the illegal drug trade.

Acting Police Chief, IGP Deshabandu Tennakoon, has reported that assets and land valued at Rs. 450 lakhs, along with luxury vehicles valued at Rs. 610 lakhs, belonging to those engaged in illegal activities, have been seized by the Illegal Assets & Properties Investigation Division of Police during the Yukthiya operation.

The latest data, as of Sunday evening, indicates that more than 55,000 raids have been conducted islandwide by the police, revealing the extensive reach of Operation Yukthiya. Among the apprehended individuals, 1,434 are currently undergoing further interrogation under detention orders, highlighting the thorough investigation process being undertaken.

The military-backed raids have resulted in 1,549 people being sent to rehabilitation centers, showcasing a commitment to addressing the root causes of drug-related issues. Additionally, 1,334 individuals with open warrants have been taken in for questioning, as part of the comprehensive approach to ensure justice prevails.

The Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB) and Special Bureau have identified a total of 4,584 suspects listed as Island Re-convicted Criminals (IRCs) in the country. During the Yukthiya operation, 2,303 of these suspects have already been apprehended, underscoring the efficacy of the ongoing efforts to target individuals with a history of criminal activities.