Our fellow Buddhist brethren in Sri Lanka and all over the world are observing Vesak in the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic threatening the entire human race. Such calamities are part of the human history.

Our faith in our respective religions gives us the strength to overcome such calamities and encourages us express the best of our human qualities.

At this occasion, let us strength our shared human values and save the people and the Nation by practicing the teachings of our respective religions and adhering to the COVID-19 prevention measures.

We pray for blessings from Almighty which will lead to guidance, good health, spiritual and moral enrichment of the people in Sri Lanka and all over the world.

The ACJU urges the Muslim community to extend the hands of generosity during these challenging times. On behalf of Sri Lankan Muslim community, All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama pray for a safe Vesak. Message from ACJU on the Vesak Festival