A 41-year-old Sri Lankan man who was illegally residing in Italy has been arrested for attempted murder in Napoli by Italy’s Carabinieri Police after he allegedly stabbed a fellow countryman multiple times and caused severe injuries, Italian media reported. 

‘Il Mattino’ reports that the Carabinieri of the Centro company intervened on Via Francesco Saverio Correra following a report of an injured person last evening. 

The victim – a 44-year-old Sri Lankan – was struck multiple times, presumably with a bladed weapon, three of the wounds were large and severe: the base of the neck, chest, and right thigh. 

He was transferred to the Pellegrini hospital where he is still under observation, the report said.

The investigations by the Carabinieri of the operational unit of the company concluded last night, resulting in the arrest of a 41-year-old homeless Sri Lankan who was already known to the authorities and was illegally residing in the country.

The detainee, transferred to prison at the disposal of the Neapolitan judicial authority, faces charges of attempted murder. 

The investigations conducted by the Carabinieri in synergy with the prosecutor’s office, through the analysis of surveillance systems and the collection of on-site testimonies, allowed the reconstruction of the incident. 

There would have been a heated argument between the two probably over a disputed woman, and the quarrel would have culminated in the assault, the report said.

Source: Il Mattino