Sri Lanka to purchase 500 new buses of 32 seating capacity from India. Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Transport has received the cabinet greenlight to purchase 500 new buses for the state-owned Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB).

Although 7,257 buses are required according to the transportation time table of the Sri Lanka Transport Board to fulfill the passenger requirements, only 6,000 buses have been operated in service due to the shortage of buses.

Approval of the Cabinet of Ministers has been granted at their meeting held on the 08th January 2020 to procure 500 new buses of 32 – 35 seating capacity to Sri Lanka Transport Board under the Indian loan grant scheme.

Accordingly, bids have been called from 3 institutions that accomplish pre requisite for the purchase of buses. Followed by evaluations of those bids, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal submitted by the Minister of Transport for awarding the procurement of purchasing 500 new buses with 32 seating capacity to Ashok Leylend Company of India as per the recommendation furnished by the standing procurement committee appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers.