Sri Lanka Repays First $50 Million Installment of Bangladesh’s $200 Million Loan

Sri Lanka and Bangladesh
Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

Bangladesh has received the first $50 million installment from Sri Lanka’s $200 million loan taken in September 2021. The loan was provided by the Bangladesh Bank to help Sri Lanka during its foreign exchange reserve crisis. Md Mezbaul Haque, spokesperson of the Bangladesh Bank, mentioned that the payment was received on August 17. Another $50 million installment is expected from Sri Lanka by August 30, with the entire loan anticipated to be repaid by September.

This financial aid was given through a currency swap agreement in three parts: $50 million on August 19, $100 million on August 30, and the remaining $50 million in September 2021. Originally, the agreement was for three months, but it included the option for Sri Lanka to extend the repayment period.


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