Sri Lanka Road Development Authority (RDA) has informed the Kimbulawala street food vendors to remove their stalls within a period of 14 days.

A senior officer of the RDA mentioned that two-storey stalls have now been built without permission, in a way that obstructs the vehicular movement.

The RDA further emphasized that this decision was arrived at in consideration of the increased number of complaints received by the authority daily, expressing concerns about road accidents that have occurred in the area as a result of these street food joint.

However, the vendors said they are willing to continue the street food joint, subjected to regulation by a designated institution.

Previously, the Urban Development Authority had decided to remove these stalls, but later gave permission to continue to run the business after an agreement was reached between the food stall owners and the relevant authorities.

At the time, the shop owners had agreed to move the stalls slightly back from the main road, but some of the stalls are still blocking the road, according to the RDA.