In a proactive move to combat the growing issue of drug-related activities, the Sri Lanka Police has introduced a set of dedicated contact numbers to encourage citizens to share information anonymously. The initiative aims to strengthen the collaboration between law enforcement and the community to curb the prevalence of narcotics.

The central hub for this initiative is the Special Operations Room at the Police Headquarters, reachable at 0718598800. In addition to the central hotline, specific regional contact numbers have been established for streamlined reporting:

Colombo North: 071 859 8801
Colombo South: 071 859 8802
Colombo Central: 071 859 8803
Kelaniya: 071 859 8808
Kandy: 071 859 8815

This move is part of a broader strategy to involve the public in the fight against drug-related crimes. Authorities emphasize the importance of citizen engagement, as community members are often the first to notice and report suspicious activities.

The police department assures that all information provided will be treated with utmost confidentiality, and strict measures will be in place to protect the identities of the informants. The goal is to create a safe and anonymous channel for individuals to share vital information that can aid law enforcement in their efforts to dismantle drug networks. (