After implementing the new Value Added Tax (VAT) at a rate of 18%, the retail prices of all mobile phones, accessories and stationary items will increase, the All Ceylon Communication Owners’ Association (ACCOA) said.

ACCOA chairman Indrajith Perera told that they cannot determine the prices that are to be increased.

“The price increase will directly affect small-scale mobile sellers and importers. Our consumers will also not be able to buy any phones or accessories. Mobile phones have become essential and vital devices, and the most common accessories, such as chargers, back covers, displays, cables, screen protection shields, and other electronic parts are also considered extremely vital to maintaining the devices. Now no one can live a single minute without using a mobile phone,” Perera said.

Therefore, the VAT should not be imposed on mobile phones, he added. 

Moreover, he said that the prices of all stationery items will increase, and that will affect the next school term.

-daily mirror