Sri Lanka has been named as the top most digitally competitive country in South Asia followed by Bangladesh and Nepal in Digital Riser Report 2021. 

The report released by the European Center for Digital Competitiveness at the ESCP Business School said Sri Lanka was the top Digital Riser in South Asia followed by Bangladesh and Nepal.

Sri Lanka over the last three years has seen an accumulated increase of 153 ranks in digital competitiveness while all countries in the region declined in terms of their relative digital competitiveness.

Sri Lanka’s progress can be explained in the light of its “National Digital Policy for Sri Lanka 2020-2025,” which aims to attain sustained development and growth for the digital economy.

The report analysed and ranked the changes of 137 countries by their digital competitiveness between 2018 and 2020 and also highlighted the top three Digital Risers in seven regions and two country groups (G7 and G20).

The report considered two core dimensions of digital competitiveness – a country’s ecosystem and its mindset – based on data from the Global Competitiveness Report issued by the World Economic Forum, as well as supporting data provided by the World Bank and the International Telecommunication Union.

Source – SouthAsiaTime Website.