A groundbreaking partnership between the Board of Investments (BOI), Amber Adventure, Ambuluwawa Bio Diversity Center, and the technical and product expertise of China Machine-Building International Corporation has given birth to the establishment of the first-ever cable car operation in the country.

The agreement worth U$ 4.5 million has been inked in this regard between the relevant parties.

This unique venture promises not only to introduce novel experiences for international travelers but also marks the dawn of a new era in adventure tourism in Sri Lanka. The collaboration, combining technical prowess and product expertise, aims to elevate the tourism offering, providing both local and foreign visitors with breathtaking 3500-feet above sea level cable car rides.

The cable car project boasts a total length of 1.5 kilometers, featuring three strategically located stations for convenient entry and exit. The cable car pathway weaves through the Ambuluwawa Bio Diversity Center’s forest range, enhancing the overall adventure with a touch of nature’s beauty.

Situated in the central highlands, the cable car’s location at Ambuluwawa, a biodiversity complex, offers more than just thrilling rides. The Ambuluwawa Trigonometrical Station encompasses a blend of religious diversity, with a winding tower resembling a stylized Buddhist stupa, a Hindu Kovil, a Muslim mosque, and a Christian Church. The 470-acre area harbors a rich ecosystem, providing sanctuary for 29 endemic species and a total of 126 species, including mammals, avians, reptiles, amphibians, and butterflies.

The cable car experience promises panoramic 360-degree views of surrounding mountains, forests, rivers, and towns, making it an immersive journey through the diverse landscape. Ambuluwawa’s surroundings boast evergreen forests, diverse flora and fauna, and a variety of medicinal plants. The cool mountain breeze adds to the charm, with prominent peaks like Piduruthalagala, Bible Rock (Bathalegala), Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak), and the Knuckles Mountain Range visible from the cable car.

This pioneering venture is made possible through the technical collaboration with China Machine-Building International Corporation, a Fortune 500 company established in 1980. The corporation is set to provide integrated solutions for cable cars, featuring cabins with 8 and 6 seats, closed and weatherproof design, panoramic views, automatic door opening and closing functions, and a substantial transportation capacity of about 400 people per hour.

The cable car sections will be constructed without pillars for a seamless and visually appealing experience, making it easy to operate and maintain. Each station will be designed to harmonize with the surrounding environment, enhancing architectural aesthetics without compromising the natural beauty.

In addition to the thrill of adventure, this cable car experience will offer diverse eco, spiritual, and cultural encounters, making it a must-visit destination for both local and international travelers. The project is expected to create a new breed of technicians in the country, contributing to the growth of technical know-how and further establishing Sri Lanka as a hub for innovative tourism experiences.

As the cable car project takes flight, it marks a significant leap forward in Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, inviting visitors to embark on a journey that seamlessly blends adventure with nature, culture, and spirituality.

-daily mirror

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