In a landmark decision, the Sri Lanka Cabinet has given its nod to President Wickremesinghe’s proposal to establish the “Children of Gaza Fund,” aimed at providing vital assistance to victims of violence in Gaza. The initiative underscores Sri Lanka’s commitment to global humanitarian efforts and solidarity with the affected children.

As part of this noble cause, all Ministries and Government Institutions have been directed to forgo Ifthar celebrations and redirect their contributions towards the “Children of Gaza Fund.” This move reflects the government’s determination to prioritize support for those in need over traditional festivities during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Government has pledged a significant contribution of US $1 million to kickstart the fund, which will be distributed through official United Nations agencies dedicated to providing aid to the affected children. This collaboration ensures a transparent and efficient channel for delivering assistance to those most in need.

The Presidential Secretariat urges donations from citizens for the “Children of Gaza Fund” during the month of Ramadan to account number 7040016 at Bank of Ceylon (7010), Taprobane Branch (747) by 11th April & deposit receipt to be forwarded to 0779730396 via WhatsApp.

Citizens are strongly encouraged to contribute to the “Children of Gaza Fund,” as their collective efforts will further amplify the impact of the relief measures. The generosity of individuals across Sri Lanka will play a crucial role in aiding the affected children in Gaza, providing them with essential support and resources during this challenging time. ( )