The Sectoral Oversight Committee (SOC) on National Security has urged the Foreign Ministry to intervene to dispute the international travel bans imposed on military personnel.

At a recent meeting chaired by Dr. Sarath Weerasekera, the parliamentary committee noted that these travel bans affects the moral of the respective military personnel.

In response to the concern, Foreign Secretary explained that through the ambassadors and at high-level discussions, the Foreign Ministry has consistently conveyed the position of Sri Lanka on this matter to the respective governments of those countries.

The Foreign Secretary also pointed out that they have also requested the respective governments to reconsider their decisions on this regard.

The SOC on National Security directed the Foreign Secretary to put together all relevant facts and convey to the respective ambassadors to challenge the travel bans imposed on the island nation’s military personnel.

They also directed the Foreign Ministry to give publicity that Sri Lanka is strongly contesting the travel ban as it is in violation of the Geneva Convention as the island nation has had a non-international armed conflict as proved by both Darusman and OICL reports.

The SOC chairman mentioned that Canada Parliament had presented a motion and approved unanimously that Sri Lanka had committed genocide against Tamil people. Hence, the committee requested the Foreign Secretary to take necessary actions to strongly communicate to other countries that Sri Lanka is not accountable for such claim made.

The committee also questioned regarding the current attempts of right-sizing of Sri Lanka Army and withdrawing army camps in certain rural sacred areas and its impact on National Security.

The Defence Secretary assured that withdrawing the army does not affect for national security, regional security, and sacred places security. Ministry of Defense practices “right-sizing” not the “down-sizing” and no impact of Right sizing of Sri Lanka Army he said.

Furthermore, the committee also took into account of creating harmony among ethnic groups and directed the respective officials to take actions accordingly.

source adaderana