Another Fishing Cat unfortunately loses its life at Walallavita area


It was reported that a Fishing Cat (Prionailurus viverrinus), which was crossing the road, collided with a vehicle on the road and unfortunately lost its life in Lihiniyawa area under Walallavita Divisional Secretariat of Kalutara District. The body of the dead animal was found at the accident site for some time and then the body of the dead animal disappeared from the accident site. Local residents suspect that someone has taken the body of this wild animal that died in the accident.

This area, which has the highest biodiversity in Sri Lanka, is covered by several inter-rainforest systems such as the Yagirala Reserve Forest and the Paniwel Mookalana, Nawalakanda Reserve and Meegahathanna Reserve. There is a high diversity of plants and animals in this unique environment and a large number of wild animals native to this country live in this area. But as there is no wildlife office in the area to deal with these wildlife, unfortunately precious wildlife resources are being lost.

These kinds of wildlife are reported in large numbers in this area and if the wildlife office approved for this area by the wildlife department is established soon and work is done to conserve wildlife, it will be possible to prevent such unfortunate deaths in the future.

Environmentalists say that if the Wildlife Department establishes the wildlife office approved for this area soon and works to conserve wildlife, there is a possibility to prevent such unfortunate deaths in the future. Via Peshala Pasan Karunarathne


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