The national cricket governing body has called for an urgent and comprehensive explanation from the entire coaching staff and selectors after India demolished the Lions by a massive 302 runs in the ODI 33 of the 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup played at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Thursday (Nov. 02).

In a statement, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) expressed its ‘deep concern and disappointment’ over the performance of the national team during the ongoing World Cup 2023, particularly the disappointing loss against India on Thursday.

The statement further read:

The World Cup 2023 is a prestigious event and the performance of the Sri Lanka National Team is a source of immense pride for the nation and cricket fans around the world. However, the recent overall performance and shocking defeats have raised significant questions about the team’s preparation, strategies and performance.

SLC management never interfered with the hired professional staff to carry out their duties and responsibilities as per the norms and regulations. However, SLC firmly believes in accountability, transparency and the importance of addressing subject concerns promptly. The call for an explanation from the entire coaching staff is aimed at understanding the reasons behind the team’s disappointing performance and identifying areas for improvement.

The coaching staff and the selectors have been asked to address several key points, including:

1. Strategy and Preparation: Providing insights into the team’s strategy, preparation and tactical decisions during the matches.

2. Team Selection: Justifying player selections for each match and explaining any changes made to the playing XI.

3. Player Performance: Assessing individual and team performance, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, and addressing any injuries or fitness concerns.

4. Post-Match Analysis: Sharing post-match analyses conducted by the coaching team and explaining key takeaways.

Sri Lanka Cricket understands that losses are a part of sports, but the recent defeats have been particularly disheartening. The organization aims to open a constructive dialogue to identify areas for improvement and ensure a more competitive showing in future matches.

The cricket governing body said it expects a prompt and comprehensive response from the coaching staff demonstrating a strong commitment to enhance the team’s performance in the remaining matches of the World Cup 2023 and in future competitions.